Partying like a ROCK STAR!!..... Garmin goes crazy... and strange finds of a runner

Today was my 45th BIRTHDAY!!!! 🎂🎉

So, early this morning, I rolled out of bed for my long run...... 13 miles were on schedule.....but, with turning 45, which is basically the half way point of my life, I decided to make that 13.1... running a half marathon distance.... logical, right?!!! LOL! 

I had a GREAT run!!!!! First, I met up with a fellow runner at 5:30 a.m.... yes, bright and early! There was to be 3 of us, but one runner woke up with a severe sore throat and sinus congestion causing her to need to bail....... yes, sometimes, no matter how much we want to run, we must listen to our bodies. So, then there were 2 runners....... we ran for about 7 miles, and then I ran solo for a mile until I saw another group of runners that let me hang with them for the rest of my run. 

Managed 13.1 miles at an average 9:20 pace...... BUT, something REALLY strange occurred to during my run.... my GARMIN went haywire!!!! I CAN NOT explain what happen..... During mile 9, my Garmin vibrates and beeps showing that I am in mile 9 (which I was) but flashed up a Lap 10 at the 0.36 mile mark into mile 9 and stating the pace.................  at each mile until the end of the run, the Garmin would beep and vibrate at the 0.36 mile mark of each mile and flash up some numbered lap...... what the heck?!!!!!!!! BIZARRO!!!!!!! 

See..... Mile 13 had a Lap 14 of 0.74 which when added to the 0.36 from mile 9 accounts for a mile distance...... and the pace times added together calculate to me pace time........ WEIRD!!! SERIOUSLY WEIRD!!!! I have NO IDEA had to explain or make sense of this!!! The only thing I even remember during mile 9 was trying to push the button to check the actual time of the morning...... now, I wonder did I push something that starts counting laps? Like maybe a feature to do track work or something? I have no idea..... I admit, I probably do not utilize my Garmin to it's full potential...... which means, when stuff like this happens, I have no idea what is going on..... hmmmmm 🤔

At 5:30 a.m., it was still dark...... very dark!!! Took a quick selfie prior to warming up......

I took the new Hokas for a long run....... I have ran a couple shorter runs with them to break them in..... but, today was my first day running long in these new kicks!!!! I have to say, I am sold on Hokas!!!! Crazy, no plantar fasciitis feeling post run.... and no left achilles tightness!!!! Happy feet are the most important thing to a runner....... Also, these Zensah compression socks keep the legs feeling good too!!!!!! Love them!!! 

Below, are the fabulous ladies who I ran into on the second part of my run....... these ladies helped me get through the last few miles of my run!!!!!! The sun was coming up by this time.... but, I still don't like running, I was very happy that they let me hang with them!!!!! :)

So, yeah....... today was my 45th birthday!!! It is so weird saying that I am 45!!! Seriously, it really seems like I was 29 just the other day!!!!!!! I just don't feel like a 45 year old...... not that there is a certain way to feel........ but, reality hits me when I have to pull out my reading glasses (pictured below) to read texts, Facebook posts, emails, etc on my phone...... LOL! :D

How do you like my fashionable reading glasses?...... these are the finest at Target.....LOL!!!! Trust me, I have  a pair in my purse, on bedside table, in the car, pretty much every where I would sit down........ these things are like hair ties..... have several, but can't seem to find them when I need them..... therefore, logical solution is to have some everywhere!!!! HA! HA! :D

Due to great friends and family, I had a great birthday celebration!!! The celebration started the day prior at work when I arrive and saw small cake cupcakes on my desk!!!! :) Pure happiness! 

Lemon is probably my favorite.... well, carrot cake too (actually had a home made piece of carrot cake at work.... the wife of my boss made it.... it was amazing!). Oh, and I love the chocolate cupcakes too! And, the red velvet!!!! Ok, yeah, guess you can say that they are all my favorite..... well, except those covered in coconut.... not a fan of those!!! 

Had this cake pop delivered too along with starbucks!!!! 

Sinus congestion and allergies are a daily battle here in South Georgia!!!! My friend bought me this diffuser..... she swears by it!! Even said that it helps her husband from snoring...... SOLD!!! Gonna definitely try it out and see if it helps my hubby....... (don't tell him I said that)...he! he!

Then, another of friend gave me wine, chocolate, and a gift certificate to eat out..... all around great gift.... I mean, come on...... the next BEST thing to running is FOOD!!! Yep, this was an A+ present to receive!!! :) 

So, what did I do for my 45th birthday? Well, I went for a long run as noted above. Came home... ate breakfast with the hubster and kiddo, took a shower, stretched and foam rolled, and then took a nap....... yep, I took a LONGGGKGGG and much needed nap!!!! Then, pittled around the house, and my fellas took me to the Texas Roadhouse to eat........ oh yes, salmon + sweet potato + broccoli = BEST MEAL ON PLANET!!!! YUM!! 

Yep! I spent my birthday partying like a ROCK STAR!!!!! HA! HAHAHAHAHA! HA! :D

So, I am trying to clean up diet further and looking for a variety of foods to snack on.... trying these RXBARs out!!! So far, I have tried two different ones..... blueberry my favorite...... still have others to try. These are a great option for stashing in purse for a healthy snack option when on the run!!!! Of course, I haven't tried but 2 so far. Chocolate is not a favorite.... I know, shocking, right? But, blueberry is very yummy! Best part....... these are real food!!!! Each bar has a list of the ingredients and last thing noted "No B.S."...... lol.... gotta love it! 

Okay, I honestly find the most interesting things know, like "things that make you go hmmmmmmmm"........ when I am running....... just like these jeans hanging on the track fence.... nope, can't even come up for an explanation of this........

Remember the soap suds in the University fountain...... yes, another find that I had a couple weeks ago........

Or...... how about that time, when I found the hair weave in the road?!!!! Yes, interesting finds for sure!!!! 

Ok, well, this birthday girl needs to get to bed...... short run in morning..... and off to work by noon!!!!! It has been a great day! 



What kind of cake/cupcakes is your favorite? 

Strange finds on runs? Do share!! Would love to hear!!!!! 

Age...... just a number? or, do you feel your age?