HELLO!!! I am Polly which is short for Pollyanna (yes, my name is really Pollyanna). I am a wife, a mother, full-time Nurse Practitioner, and a runner. I have been running for 4 years. I started to run in order to achieve a healthier life style. I started with a goal to run a local 5K. Might I say, 5K seemed sooooo far....would have never dreamed that I would become a marathoner. When I first started running, I could only run non-stop for a half of a mile. I learned that you just have to keep looking forward and be patient. Running teaches a lot of life lessons with patience being number one.  I attempt to provide a blog that will be supportive to all runners and share some of my own personal loves, suggestions, and my experiences. I admire elite runners as much as I admire beginner runners. This blog is not intended to suggest or encourage people to follow what I say, but to simply show what works for me and my running. Please always consult your doctor or follow what works best for you. We all have our own personal running goals. No matter what our pace is, we all cover the same distance in a race. If you can overlook the fact that I am a part-time fly by the seat of my pants Blogger, my grammar and typo errors (reality is that I often write my blog super fast while multi tasking to keep up with daily life--no time for proof reading), then you might enjoy following my blog. I look forward to meeting all kinds of runners. I appreciate YOUR support. In the end, no matter our pace, we all share a passion for running