Trip on a Side Walk?! No runner has time for that! .... Side Walk 1, Polly 0

Today, during a long run, I fell. OUCH!!! FIRST..... let me say, I am OK. Andddddddd, thankfully, the good ole side walk was there to catch me! UGH!!!! I am scraped up, but ok. WARNING, if you are queasy at the sight of blood, you will not want to scroll to the bottom of this blog post. But, before I get into me attacking the side walk...... let's talk about more delightful things.....

Who is excited for Christmas? The New Year? Or, are you like me and wondering where did 2017 go? Seriously, I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants and barely hanging on to a rapidly fraying rope....


The above picture was of my friend Rhonda and I after our long run! I had a tripod that holds a cell phone to try out, andddddddd...... Rhonda says, "Let's do a jumping picture!" At first, I was like, ummmmmm, not sure if my legs will be able to jump me into the air. I have to say, I have never laughed so hard..... several attempts were made in order to obtain a picture with both of us actually in the air and to get the finish product you see above......... Below, there were many pictures like this....... LOL! :D 


This is a picture of Rhonda and I on Wednesday evening...... I had 6 steady miles to run, and Rhonda was game to meet me. We decided to run down town to see the Christmas decorations. Of course, when seeing the lights pictured below, it was a must stop and pause the Garmin moment to get a picture. The lights are beautiful...... there is something about Christmas lights that is magical and calming..... 


There is always a Santa Sled down town which is always a photo op for everyone!!!!! And, with the mention from a friend a week or so ago questioning why he hadn't seen the "annual Santa sled pic"..... I was sure to get Rhonda to snap this photo!!!!


Yesterday, Saturday, Rhonda and I ran into our friend Sandy........ she looked so stinkin cute in this Christmas sweater dress! She is so full of life, and I love her spirit! 


Here is Rhonda and I on Saturday morning with "yeah, we just ROCKED our long run" expressions..... It was a bit warm, but not too bad. The miles actually flew by with us getting lost in conversation. She was leaving out of town for the holidays after running....... for me, I was glad to get #1 of 2 long runs for the weekend checked off the training plan. So glad she joined me! 


Now, on to Sunday....... In mile 11, I wiped out!!!!! Yep, I fell..... or maybe I should say, I attacked the side walk...... but, with the abrasions I sustained, perhaps the side walk won. Orrrrrr, the fact that I didn't miss a beat and jumped up to continue running without stopping means I won!!! I will let you decide........ but, here is how the Sunday run went.........

First of all, I was running solo..... I had planned my route and started out just before sunrise. About 2-3 miles in, I ran into my Coach who designs my training plans and his wife......... she ended up running a few miles with me which made those miles fly!!!! She is an amazing runner and always has words of wisdom to share! After a few miles, she turned back to run back home. I kept on a route that measures exactly 10 miles. As I was heading down town, I began to get a bit spooked. There were no cars or people..... kinda made me uneasy. I decided that I really didn't want to run alone to the downtown area and cut across to a busy street that I knew would have cars..... I was running on the side walk, and kept looking back..... just making sure I was't being followed. Paranoid? maybe.... just a CHICKEN? YEP! LOL!  Anyway, the looking back while running caused me to miss that the side walk was uneven ....... as I was looking over my shoulder, BAM! I tripped! It happen so fast that I did not have any chance to even try to attempt to break my fall. I tripped falling forward with my arms/hands stretch out in front of me like superman...... I landed on the ground and looked like a baseball player sliding head first into a base....... except, the slide was a lot rougher on concrete versus dirt or grass. I jumped up, got right back to running! No stopping, no pausing the Garmin..... just jumped up and started to run! As I was running, I did a systems check.... lol.... checked all areas that were burning from the abrasions I sustained. I was bleeding, but no need to stop.... I was 4 miles from my car...... so, no other choice but to run! I mean, my legs were ok!!! WHEW!!!!!!! I am very thankful that I did not get hurt worse than I did. And, from now on, if I feel the need to look behind, I will stop and turn..... won't try the run and look over the shoulder move.... too clumsy for that!!! HA! HA! 


Garmin proof above..... no stopping! Even with a fall!!! YEP! Total moving time= total elapsed time....... there was no pausing or stopping on this long run! Pretty stoked about that!!!! Probably shouldn't analyze numbers so much, but when your watch supplies this information, you can't help but getting hooked into looking at the numbers! LOL! 


So, this week training is as follows: 

MONDAY- 6 miles on Dreadmill at 10:00 pace

TUESDAY- Strength and Core with 2 mile walk

WEDNESDAY- (moved run to evening time instead of the early morning) 6 miles steady at average 9:45 pace.... running and enjoying Christmas lights with Rhonda

Thursday -Morning Tempo at around 8 am..... only about 14 hours from steady run Wednesday-- I mention this because my Tempo run felt harder than my Tempo runs in the past. Target pace was to stay 7:35-7:45 per plan..... I ended up with 3 miles at average 7:43 pace with mile splits: 7:33, 7:53, 7:44. I made pace goal, but man my legs felt tired and heavy....  Energy level was good, mind was good, but the legs? TIRED! But, I made pace and that helps me know I am getting stronger. 


Saturday: Legs felt great.... back to normal!  12 miles at an average 10:02 pace with mile splits: 10:15, 9:59, 9:56, 10:21, 10:29, 9:48, 9:46, 10:03, 9:52, 10:15, 10:02, 9:34

Sunday: Long run #2 of 2 for the weekend - 14 miles at average 9:48 pace with mile splits: 9:55, 9:51, 9:38, 9:56, 10:08, 9:49, 9:47, 9:47, 9:38, 9:38, 10;00 (fell during this mile, bounced up &kept going with bleeding I was too far into long run to stop), 9:46, 9:41, 9:33

So far, training is on track! I am trying to stay focus on sub 4 full marathon goal in March! My running mantra use to be "You Got This"..... It has since changed to "How Bad DO You WANT THIS?!" (there is a book titled this... sure all you runners have heard of it).

Well, this has turned into a LONG BLOG POST...... Santa is on his way!!!! Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Thank you all who support my little running journey and this crazy little Blog that I have.....I wish I could thank you all....... 





Have you enjoy running and looking at Christmas lights? 

Fallen during a run? Get right back up and continue on? Luckily, besides bleeding, I was ok.... getting sore now though......

Get spooked while running? I carry pepper spray, but a friend today suggested carrying a whistle too.... I think that is a great idea...... What do you carry for extra safety? Luckily, I don't usually run outside alone........ but with the holiday.... it was solo running today