Enter to win a FREE entry to ZOOMA Cape Cod or ZOOMA Florida!!

I must receive as email at mytimerunner@yahoo.com confirming that you are interested in being entered for the FREE entry to a Zooma 2016 race (Cape Cod or Florida). 

****Running + Massages + Wine + Yoga + Hanging out with fellow Inspirational women and so much more = Fun Girl's Weekend!

*****And, you now have a chance to win a FREE entry to either a Cape Cod Zooma run or Florida Zooma run!!!! To enter is sooooooooooo EASY too!!!!!! Just follow the steps below:

1- EMAIL subscribe to this blog. Once you have email subscribed, and received the link to confirm your subscription, simply shoot me an email at mytimerunner@yahoo.com stating that you have subscribed. That way I can verify entry. I need to know how to identify you on email and at the one of the social media sites on Facebook or Instagram (see below). If you have already in the past email subscribe, you are one step ahead, and only need to email me at mytimerunner@yahoo.com so I can confirm your email! 

2- Like my face book page My Time Runner Girl or follow my Instagram page at My Time Runner (@mytimerunner). Again, if you have been so kind to have already liked or follow one of these social media sites and email subscribed, just shoot me an email letting me know, so I can confirm information. For an extra entry, like both the Facebook page, and follow on Instagram along with email subscribing! :)

And, THAT IS IT!!! SO EASY, RIGHT?!?!!!!!!!

***WHY RUN ZOOMA? Well, let me give you a few reasons: 

**Zooma Women's Race series provides a scenic, professionally-managed, and timed race- for both Cape Cod and Florida)

**Access to full fit girls weekend schedule- a fitness Expo and an After-Party Expo featuring wine, post race massages, shopping, and music!

**Water and Sports electrolyte drink stationed along the course and at the finish line

** FOOD at the finish line

**ZOOMA medals for all finishers

**Access to special room rates at the official race hotel.