MONDAY...... Want to win a SPI belt?!?!

YES! You read that right!!! I am going to be giving away a SPI belt at the end of the month!!!!! Will get into the details later in the post! 

Ok, next week the coach has on my plan to start speed work on the track! Can I tell you that I am sooooooooooo very nervous about this!!! For those who have followed this blog, you know that I have only been running for about 4 years.... I am not a seasoned runner!!!! Yes, I have met my goals of completing a full marathon earlier this month, but by no means, am I a super experienced runner!!! I have no idea how to properly do speed work on a track! The coach has a Facebook site and he posted the following "Track Etiquette."

I have already started to study all of these rules!!! I so DON'T want to be that person who runs in the wrong lane of the track, or messes up another runner who most likely knows what they are doing, and I don't want to "stand" out for the wrong reasons (if you know what I mean!!!!!) 

For instance, the following video that I found on You tube shows what I DON'T want to happen!!!!!!

So, today is Monday (but this post will post Tuesday morning).... anyway, I am back on track with my training schedule.... although the weekend runs were a struggle. I ran my 3 miles this morning, and I felt good. Tomorrow, I have 5 miles. I work until 7pm tonight, so hopefully  I can roll out of bed in time to get in the 5 miles! 

OK, the give away........

I have this SPI Belt up for grabs!!!! How do you get a chance to win this fabulous and necessary runner accessory?!?! It is easy..... simply do the following (and you must at least do #1  #3 just gives an extra entry)

1- email subscribe to this blog at ( you will need to go to actual website to email subscribe)

2- "like" my Facebook page "My Time Runner Girl" and share the post with the SPI BELT pictured(you will need to like the post with the picture of the SPI BELT and comment that you liked and share the post with the picture of the SPI BELT). Oh and if you have already been so gracious to have already liked my FB page, simply comment in the FB post with picture of SPI Belt and share that post... so, you too can be included in drawing!)

3- and for one additional entry, follow my Instagram page at "MYTIMERUNNER" 

My SPIBELT came in handy during my marathon!!! And, a friend of my suggested safety pinning GU to the belt which worked like a champ!!!!! I will forever do this!!! And, there is no bounce to the belt!!! I LOVE MINE! 

Gotta run..... UNTIL LATER!!!!!!!!! 


Do you perform formal speed work at a track? 

Ever had a nervous track experience?

Any tips for track speed work--- any DOs and Don'ts will be much appreciated!