Weekend of running.... Saturday 5k and Sunday Long Run on a new route


Ran into these fabulous folks at a 5k in the BIG town of Adel, Georgia! 

It is all about the t-shirt!!

Oh yes!!! It is all about the t-shirt, right?!!!!! I mean, come on, who else, but runners, pay money to run literally 30-60min for the benefit of receiving a t-shirt?!!! I mean we run on public roads that we could technically run for FREE!!! HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! :D

Anyway this 5K had an AWESOME t-shirt!!! Why, you ask?! Because it was LONG sleeve!!! Yes, I know, I as you will read below, I complained about the humidity, and it is clearly too hot to wear long sleeve at the moment, but come on!!!!!!! Long sleeve really makes you feel like you got your money's worth!!! LOL!!!! ;-)

5k Break Down

OK, the decision to run this 5k was so last minute!!!! In fact, it wasn't even on my training schedule! Also, I really wasn't even aware of it until a few days prior!!! Even missed the deadline to sign up on-line..... literally, I signed up the day of the event. This was the first time for this particular race.... 

It was so HUMID Saturday!!!!! Ok, not as humid as it had been in the dead middle of summer, but dang it, it was humid!!!!!!!!! And, I sooooooooo struggle with humidity!!! I can't help it!!! Getting hot just slows me down!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Ok, my whining fit is over! On to the 5k breakdown. 

Overall UNOFFICIAL time was 24:05; overall average pace 8:03

Mile 1- 7:28 (too fast for the humid weather, and actually probably too fast all together... definitely a flaw of mine...I go out way too fast!)

       Mile 2- 8:07 (I really didn't feel all that bad at this point.....even passed by a water station because I thought I could just push without the water being poured on my head to cool off! Not to mention that the water station was ALL the way across the road!!!!!! I was running tangents, and running across the road would have messed up my plan to make the course shorter.... LOL!!!!!!!!! ) 

       Mile 3- 8:29 (At exactly mile 2.75.... yeah, I know, I know..... so close to the end.... I gave up on the "push".... I was too hot!!!!!! I slowed a good bit.... I didn't care that the finish line was right around the corner!) 


It was an extremely small race! Literally, there couldn't have been more than 25 runners! But, it was well organized..... My friend Lisa snagged First in age group, and I some how managed second female.........


Sunday morning........ I met up with my friend Lisa in another town that is actually closer to my house than where I usually run on Sunday mornings.... she had told me about a trail that she has been running recently and asked me to join........

Below was our attempt to take a pre-run photo..... hey, we tried! :D

The trail is paved..... and parts of it shaded.... it was really nice..... most of the trail is wide and not like pictured in the photo below......

The weather was nice.... less humid today and there was a cool breeze... why can't weather co-operate on race days?!!! Whyyyyy?!!!!


11.06 miles at an average 10:21 pace

Mile 1- 11:13 (had to get all warmed up!)

Mile 2- 10:22

Mile 3- 10:26

Mile 4- 10:17

Mile 5- 10:10

Mile 6- 10:08

Mile 7- 10:15

Mile 8- 10:17

Mile 9- 10:08

Mile 10- 10:14

Mile 11- 10:23

THUMBS up because we were D-O-N-E!!!

Future Weatherman

So, where I live in South Georgia, we were out of harms way of Hurricane Matthew...... In fact, people that had to evacuate from other areas of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina came to our area to seek shelter!!! Every where you went in town was soooooooooo crowded due to all the people!!!!

We did get wind though...... and, Friday after school, my son came out with his weather boots while I was un-loading the car and informed me that he was going to give me a weather report..... I have to say, he just might have a future as a meteorologist..... perhaps, the next Jim Cantore?!!! Maybe......

And, we spotted a Rainbow!!!!!!

My son said, "Quick! Get in the car, let's go find the end of the Rainbow!" He was disappointed that we couldn't find it! 

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!! Hope those in Hurricane Matthew's path were able to stay safe!!!!! 

Gotta run...... UNTIL LATER!!!!


How were your runs this weekend? Race? 

Any cool trails near where you live? Paved? Dirt?

Still humid in your neck of the woods? Or have you busted out gloves, long sleeves, etc? 

T-shirt? Important criteria for you when signing up for a race?