Weekend of running.... Saturday 5k and Sunday Long Run on a new route


Ran into these fabulous folks at a 5k in the BIG town of Adel, Georgia! 

It is all about the t-shirt!!

Oh yes!!! It is all about the t-shirt, right?!!!!! I mean, come on, who else, but runners, pay money to run literally 30-60min for the benefit of receiving a t-shirt?!!! I mean we run on public roads that we could technically run for FREE!!! HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! :D

Anyway this 5K had an AWESOME t-shirt!!! Why, you ask?! Because it was LONG sleeve!!! Yes, I know, I as you will read below, I complained about the humidity, and it is clearly too hot to wear long sleeve at the moment, but come on!!!!!!! Long sleeve really makes you feel like you got your money's worth!!! LOL!!!! ;-)

5k Break Down

OK, the decision to run this 5k was so last minute!!!! In fact, it wasn't even on my training schedule! Also, I really wasn't even aware of it until a few days prior!!! Even missed the deadline to sign up on-line..... literally, I signed up the day of the event. This was the first time for this particular race.... 

It was so HUMID Saturday!!!!! Ok, not as humid as it had been in the dead middle of summer, but dang it, it was humid!!!!!!!!! And, I sooooooooo struggle with humidity!!! I can't help it!!! Getting hot just slows me down!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Ok, my whining fit is over! On to the 5k breakdown. 

Overall UNOFFICIAL time was 24:05; overall average pace 8:03

Mile 1- 7:28 (too fast for the humid weather, and actually probably too fast all together... definitely a flaw of mine...I go out way too fast!)

       Mile 2- 8:07 (I really didn't feel all that bad at this point.....even passed by a water station because I thought I could just push without the water being poured on my head to cool off! Not to mention that the water station was ALL the way across the road!!!!!! I was running tangents, and running across the road would have messed up my plan to make the course shorter.... LOL!!!!!!!!! ) 

       Mile 3- 8:29 (At exactly mile 2.75.... yeah, I know, I know..... so close to the end.... I gave up on the "push".... I was too hot!!!!!! I slowed a good bit.... I didn't care that the finish line was right around the corner!) 


It was an extremely small race! Literally, there couldn't have been more than 25 runners! But, it was well organized..... My friend Lisa snagged First in age group, and I some how managed second female.........


Sunday morning........ I met up with my friend Lisa in another town that is actually closer to my house than where I usually run on Sunday mornings.... she had told me about a trail that she has been running recently and asked me to join........

Below was our attempt to take a pre-run photo..... hey, we tried! :D

The trail is paved..... and parts of it shaded.... it was really nice..... most of the trail is wide and not like pictured in the photo below......

The weather was nice.... less humid today and there was a cool breeze... why can't weather co-operate on race days?!!! Whyyyyy?!!!!


11.06 miles at an average 10:21 pace

Mile 1- 11:13 (had to get all warmed up!)

Mile 2- 10:22

Mile 3- 10:26

Mile 4- 10:17

Mile 5- 10:10

Mile 6- 10:08

Mile 7- 10:15

Mile 8- 10:17

Mile 9- 10:08

Mile 10- 10:14

Mile 11- 10:23

THUMBS up because we were D-O-N-E!!!

Future Weatherman

So, where I live in South Georgia, we were out of harms way of Hurricane Matthew...... In fact, people that had to evacuate from other areas of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina came to our area to seek shelter!!! Every where you went in town was soooooooooo crowded due to all the people!!!!

We did get wind though...... and, Friday after school, my son came out with his weather boots while I was un-loading the car and informed me that he was going to give me a weather report..... I have to say, he just might have a future as a meteorologist..... perhaps, the next Jim Cantore?!!! Maybe......

And, we spotted a Rainbow!!!!!!

My son said, "Quick! Get in the car, let's go find the end of the Rainbow!" He was disappointed that we couldn't find it! 

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!! Hope those in Hurricane Matthew's path were able to stay safe!!!!! 

Gotta run...... UNTIL LATER!!!!


How were your runs this weekend? Race? 

Any cool trails near where you live? Paved? Dirt?

Still humid in your neck of the woods? Or have you busted out gloves, long sleeves, etc? 

T-shirt? Important criteria for you when signing up for a race? 

Busy life lately.....Sunday= long run... there are great things going on and not so great things too

AHHHhhhhhhhh, Sunday! Longggggggg run day!!!!! Today on schedule....14 miles!!!!!!!! Honestly, after looking at the weather prior to leaving my house at 5am, I was't sure that I would make the entire 14 miles........ not to be a whiner.........but..... I WANT COOLER WEATHER!!!!!!!!! ANDDDDDD, I WANT IT NOWWWWWW!!!! LOL! :D

There was a slight breeze that started around mile 9 and that helped!

Anyway, 14 miles is made better with running friends! I met up with a running group at the early morning hours! We took our best effort to take a group picture.... we have some work to do on that!!! But hey, we are runners, not photographers!!! HA!HA! We even made a short good luck video for one of our own that is tackling an IRONMAN today!!! Yes, that is right, A FULL ENTIRE IRONMAN!!!! I can't even begin to wrap my brain around that!!!!! 

ong Run Breakdown

So, I did make the entire 14 miles.... in fact, I ended up running 14.17 miles at an average of a 10:39 pace. I know, kinda an odd number of miles to run, but this was needed in order for me to get back to my car... and after the, I was not running a step more!! NOPE! NO WAY!!! LOL!!!!! I did walk the track for a mile prior to getting in my car to leave. My long run pace as set by coach is 10:10-10:40, so, I was pretty much right there! I slowed down during the summer, and honestly, I am feeling the benefits.... I feel better, stronger, and my race times have improved!!!! This makes me less discouraged about my running.

Mile 1- 11:45

Mile 2- 10:33

Mile 3- 10:50

Mile 4- 10:26

Mile 5- 10:27

Mile 6- 10:39

Mile 7- 10:19

Mile 8- 10:44

Mile 9- 10:17

Mile 10 -10:04

Mile 11- 10:21

Mile 12- 10:41

Mile 13- 10:59

Mile 14- 11:00

Busy week!

Wednesdays are cub scout days.... I usually pick my son up at 5pm  from an after school program, and then we have exactly 1 hour to grab something to eat and get to the cub scout meeting. We live way too far to run home prior to meeting..... so, usually, Texas Roadhouse is where we end up! I am sure in this picture he was telling me about his day..... he is a character and LOVES to talk!!! I actually enjoy listening to him..... with my job, I talk all day long, so to sit and just listen as he jumps from subject to subject about his day, I get to relax a bit :)

He is all about the cub scouts!!! He takes pride in being a scout! He tries to do his best as it states in the scout code....... Plus, there are some great kids in scouts too! They always have fun! 

Below, is a picture from Saturday night at the Texas Roadhouse..... yes, it is pretty much the only restaurant that we eat at...... my two guys always pick the roadhouse!!! :)

On Thursday, it was time for my dermatology check up.... I was so dreading it because I knew of 3 lessons that were going to get biopsied! UGH! And, yes in deed, I did have those 3 sites biased along with 2 others biopsied!!!!! 5 total!!! UGH! I have a scar already to my upper right forehead area due to basal cell skin cancer! I am really concerned that the biopsied that I had in my hair line on Thursday is the same! Soooooooo, I will be dreading that call from the dermatologist office when the biopsy reports come back!!! ***SIGH*** My husband had 2 biopsies performed.... he has had squamous cell carcinoma on his neck..... that is worse than Basal cell! But, still not melanoma at least! Having pale skin, blue eyes, sunburn before age 20, and father with skin cancer.... I pretty much have every risk factor for some type of skin cancer. I have worn sun screen since age 26, however, the damage that I am dealing with is from years prior! SO, my PSA (public service announcement) is to get annual skin checks. And just because you have olive skin does't make you safe! I have 2 friends that have had melanoma and had an olive complexion which tanned easily! Oh, and wear sunscreen!!!

Also, on Thursday, my son started soccer!!! I was unable to take him to the first practice..... luckily, my dad (AKA Papa) took him! Andddd, an awesome mom of another player took some pictures of Ben and texted them to me!!!! I can'r even begin to express how much that meant to me!!!!!!! If I could have hugged her through the phone, I would have!!!

Ben was so very nervous about the first soccer practice......he has not played on an official team sport until now and he was afraid that he might not know all the rules or mess up! But, he had the best time ever!!! He can't stop talking about it!!!!! 

Well, That is my week in a nut shell..... some fun good stuff..... and then, not so fun stuff! Hope you guys had a great week!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!!! Thanks for support of this blog and over looking typos..... I try to proof read, but honestly, sometimes I barely have time to type...... just like yesterday, I later found a typo, but too late to correct..... oops    :-/

UNTIL LATER.............................................

Fun week? Anything exciting? Those that have kids, what sports do they play?

Favorite place to eat? Do you go several times a month like us? Or, does your family like variety? 

Skin cancer? have a story to share? No fun at all! UGH!

Pink Everywhere! Fun 5K for a GREAT cause!!!

Today, there was PINK everywhere!!! Yes, girls and guys were PINKED out all in the support of Breast Cancer.... the name of the 5K was "Get A Mammy!" :)

Age group placement!!

My friend Lisa and I placed in our age groups! :) I was STOKED (not a word that I normally use, but fitting for today!) Yes, in deed, I was stoked! I ran the best time I have ran this summer....okay, yes.... some of you are thinking, but it is fall. Yes, I understand that the first day of fall was the other day, but.... let me tell you.... here in South Georgia, the weather is still SUMMER weather!!! 96-97% humidity!!!!!! And, humidity is no friend of mine, and I have battled it all summer!!! UGH!!! 

5k Breakdown

Okay, back to the run!!!  Unofficially, I ran 24:44!!!! Not an overall PR (personal record) for me... but, definitely the best 5K run I have had this summer..... however, it is a PR for this course! :) 

Mile 1- 7:37

Mile 2- 7:48 (usually, there is a water station at the half way mark, but, NOT AT THIS RACE!!!!! At mile 2, I came to the realization that there would be no water! In this humid weather, I get SUPER hot! And, when I get hot, I slow down.... I use the water stations at the 5Ks in the summer to splash on my face, neck, and pour on my head.... however, at mile 2 I told myself "Suck it up buttercup!"  

Mile 3- 8:35 (At 2.3 miles, I gave into the humidity.... It was hot! I slowed down......... but, I am overall very pleased with my performance! Especially, with the conditions today!!!

Running Peeps!!!

Below, are some of my favorite running peeps..... these people are what get me out of bed and run in this humid, hot as heck weather!!! 

The picture below is my friend Gina..... I am forever chasing her at the 5Ks....... One day, I hope to keep up with her :!

The two fellas below are also 2 others that I am forever chasing at the local 5Ks........ Usually, I keep my focus on them and keep looking ahead..... 

My friend, Arlene was there too!!!!! She brought her daughter which I wish I had gotten a picture of..... I think we have her daughter hooked, and she will sign up for future 5Ks...... Seriously, I don't know how anyone wouldn't hooked after crossing that finish line one time!!!!! Talk about feeling like a rock start.....people you don't even know cheering for you as if you are the first one crossing the finish line.... not to mention the feeling of accomplishment knowing that you made the distance!!!! These local 5Ks have walkers, joggers, runners.... it is all a GREAT time and EVERYONE completes the same distance of 3.2 miles!!! :D

Below are a couple co-workers and friends......... these ladies ROCK!

Managed to snagged a picture of my friends Kelly and Tammy.... :)

Below, is my friend Deborah....... So glad to catch her in time for this pic!!!! This race was great with so many running friends/peeps showing up!!! And, all for a great cause!!!!!! I think everyone either has someone they know, or someone that is close with them that have, or are battling breast cancer!!!!! 

The Men's Race

Each year, there is an event that follows the 5k..... it is for men.... men run in high heel shoes!!!!! The event is called, "A Mile in HER shoes!" Men literally run in high heels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Below, is a picture of all the men that participated this year! 

Anddddddd, of course, I videoed the race!!!!! Below, is the video of the men's race called "A Mile in HER shoes!" The men run in high heels shoes...... it is hilarious!!!! The men are such troopers.... and, some rock the high heel shoes.... seriously, these guys run in high heels better than I can walk in them.... HA! HA! :D

Some guys went all out.........

This guy was READY to smoke that "mile in her shoes!" I think this could be his signature stance.... you know, like how Bolt has his signature stance :):) This guided bolted and won, I believe. Bolt has nothing on this guy..... bet Bolt couldn't run in heels!!! HA! HA! :D

This pic was too hilarious not to share!!! LOVE IT!!! 


When I got home, I was greeted by my son..... he asked me how I did in the run.... I was telling him that mommy had a great run, and that I was really happy about my performance. He then said, "Great job" and in the next breath, requested an egg sandwich for breakfast.... LOL!!!!........ mommy duties..... HA! HA! 

Hope you all had a GREAT Saturday!!!!!! Gotta get to bed.... Long run tomorrow!!! 14 miles on schedule ...... Eeeek!!!!!! And, of course, the weather is expected to be humid!!!! ***SIGH***

UNTIL LATER!!!!!! Thanks for supporting my blog......


Run today? Training? Race? DO tell!!!!

Any fun races for a great cause in your area? I love that this race gets men out and run in high heels!!! So fun! 

Does humidity really slow you down? Ever been betting on a water station that never came?!!!!!!! 

Sunday=Long run day...... will the days ever get less humid?

Humidity - Not a friend of a Runner

UGH.....the heat and humidity continue in South Georgia!!! 96% at 6am this morning when our group started our long run....... Seriously, i PROMISE to NEVER complain about cooler/cold weather again!! PROMISE!!!! This humidity is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Around mile 9.5 I snapped this selfie...... little blurry since I didn't stop running... HA!:D

We had a pretty great running group this morning..... this is after a 10 mile loop! We were all spent!!! The humidity left us all hot and sweaty!!! Probably should have taken a picture prior to us actually running...LOL! Maybe next time.....

Run Break down

I started with a mile warm up at a 11:26 pace.... had to get the legs moving!!! At 5:45am, my legs just are not awake!!! Have to get them going!!!!! 

Anyway, my warm up mile was followed by 10mile run at an average 10:31 pace and the break down is as follows: 

Mile 1- 10:51

Mile 2- 10:38

Mile 3- 10:43

Mile 4- 10:26

Mile 5- 10:40

Mile 6- 10:21

Mile 7- 10:44

Mile 8- 10:06

Mile 9- 10:28

Mile 10- 10:03

I was cooling down at the track..... I always walk at least a mile or longer after my long run... seems to make legs from becoming so tight later...... and, I had a great surprise of running into my friend Hala!!!! This lady is always uplifting... has the kindest heart! In our busy lives, we don't always get to see friends as much as we would like....so, moments like these are AWESOME! 

It was over a good week....... this was my first week back after being sick and taking a week off from running. I cut all my runs this week by 2 miles. Honestly, I just didn't want to exhaust myself. Will try to jump back on track with my training plan. 

I have a half marathon coming up at the end of October. I have been  debating back and forth about exactly how to run this half marathon. Do I run and do the best I can? Or, should I simply enjoy the experience, take pics along the course, and maybe even a video?...... decisions! I am running the Zooma Florida race which takes place at the beach!!!! It is catered to women..... Honestly, I think I really just want to "take it all in"....... plus, I was lucky enough to be a Zooma Ambassador this year and would love to document the race afterwards on my blog... that would mean needing to stop and take pictures/video along the course. I am really leaning toward this.... I think it would be neat to be able to go back and just document the entire experience! Also, I believe that it will be hot anyway.... and I don't run great in the heat anyway. Besides, as far as a PR for a Half, I really have my heart set on trying that in February at the Tallahassee Half marathon where I pr'd last year with a time of 1:56:42...... so why push this time? 

Speaking of Zooma- Come Run with ME!!!

Ladies, if you haven't grabbed your friends and signed up for Zooma Florida....... DO NOW!!!! The race is capped!!! Andddddddd, you can save 10% with the PROMO CODE: POLLYANNA16

Sun, beach, wine, massages, being around inspiring women, yoga, shopping, and much more...... don't miss out!!!!!! 

Happy Sunday Folks! Hope you have a great rest of the day!!!! UNTIL LATER......


Still humid in your neck of the woods? 

Ever ran a race for fun? just soak in the experience

10k fun, Visor falling off, talking tangents--smart? cheating?

Never know who you might see

So, I found out of a 10K that was taking place in an outside town named Moultrie, Georgia which is only about 20 min from my house!!!! I had 7 miles on the training schedule today; therefore, this was a no brainer...... I had to run it!!!!!! Crazy thing is that I ran into 4 other people from Valdosta!!! How cool is that?!!!!!! Lisa is the selfie Master.... I am never able to take a selfie of a group like this without using a selfie stick! She rocks! 

Below is my friend/co-worker Arlene..... we were both pretty excited about the 10K.... most local runs are 5ks..... so, it was nice to have a different distance to run. 

Below is a guy named Joe... he has ran over a 1000 races.... I forget the exact total. He is in his 70s and smokes the local 5KS and such.... 

Crowd at the finish line..... probably should have taken the photo from the front which would have included  the finish clock in the picture ..... yes, amateur blogger mistake... I am still learning!! Next time I won't forget! LOL! 

We Placed in our age groups! 

Breakdown of the 10K

Ok, like I said, I had 7 miles on the training schedule. Therefore, I decided that I would run a 1 mile warm up and then the 10k (6.2miles). I debated whether to "race" it or "up tempo" it. I just completed running my first week after being sick. I didn't think it to be wise to full force push race this 10k. Therefore, up tempo run it was. Also, I decided that I would walk through water stations on the course in order to pour water on my head and to take a quick sip......and, there were like 4 water stops!!!!!! So, I did walk 4 different times through the water stops. 

Breakdown: 6.17miles (I am going to discuss tangents!!! On of my other friends at 6.2 at finish on her watch) total time 54:19 which equals 8:48 average pace

Mile 1- 8:16

Mile 2- 8:43

Mile 3- 9:08 (walked a water stop and my sun visor flew off--had to stop run back and get it! :)

Mile 4-8:45

Mile 5- 9:07

Mile 6- 8:56

Yes, you read that right!!!! My sun visor flew off in mile 3 and I had to stop, turn around, pick it off the ground, and place back on my head!!!! :D 

Seems to be a problem of mine..... hats flying off!!!! I think I have them too loose on my head, but I can't stand anything tight on my head.... if you guys have been following this blog, you remember my marathon when my hat flew off at the end....... below is the youtube video if you missed it!!! I might need to tighten my hats/visors up!!! LOL! :D


Have you ever seen a water fountain like the one below?!!!!!!! It has a Water bottle fountain that fills your water bottle up in a snap!!!!!! My friend Arlene and I were beyond excited and amazed.... seriously, is this not the best thing on the planet?!!!! I think local parks should have these!!! It would prevent a runner from having to "water drop." I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THESE!!!!!!! I think I will write the city of Valdosta!! 

Below is a closer look of the fountain.... Again, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!! THESE SHOULD BE EVERY WHERE!!!!!! 

No FUN being sick!

Let me tell you..... I am so thankful and happy to be feeling better!!! Yes, I am finally back to feeling like myself! Man...... haven't been this sick in a while. This respiratory infection took me out for an entire week!!! I even had to leave work early one day and missed the entire next day of work!!! You know I am sick if I don't make it to work. Another sign that I am sick is that I don't run.... and even more convincing is that I don't even say I miss running....... Yes, if I am sick enough... running and everything else goes!!! Luckily, that doesn't happen all too often! 

I am pretty sure that that I went through at least 5 full boxes of tissue!!!! How the body can make so much snot......I just don't know!!! Ok, maybe that was TMI (too much information)....lol... 

I skipped Monday's run......but, Tuesday I was feeling well enough to climb up on the treadmill in the early morning hours prior to getting ready for work!!! Oh yes, I was back!!!! 4 miles on a treadmill never felt more AMAZING!!!!! Seriously, for an entire week there was NO running!!! No working out!! NADA!!!!! All due to a respiratory infection! I decided Tuesday on a slowwww and steady run and I cut back the 6 miles on training plan to 4 miles. I am thankful that I was able to fully recover and get better! It is a blessing to have your health!!! Life has a way of giving you a reality check and slowing you down...... times like acute illness instantly puts things in life into perspective.... you become more thankful for the many blessings that you  can take for granted.... and you are reminded that there are some things you need to stop stressing and worrying about...... 

But hey, one thing about not running for an entire week was that I was able to do things that normally take a back seat..... I was able to go through thousands of emails and sent messages........my email has never been so cleaned out! I was able to gather and complete paperwork that needs to be submitted for my national certification! This was a major WIN!!! And..... I was able to take care of all my notifications on all the apps on my phone!!!! My phone screen has never looked like this in years!! HA! HA! HA! It is the small things that bring such great delight!!!! So, being sick wasn't completely a waste of time!!!!  :):)


OKAY...... I want to talk TANGENTS!!!!!! When watching the Olympics the announcers were making such a HUGE deal of Shalane Flanagan running tangents!!! Honestly, I didn't even really know about running tangents on courses until this was made into such a big deal. The announcers were debating about whether it was ok to run tangents and that Shalane was not covering the same distance as the other runners...... oh yes, I had to research this!!! 

Below is a picture of running tangents.......

In the article "The Basics: Running Tangents" posted by a guy named Dave on the 'Science-Based Running' web page at www.sciencebasedrunning.com tangents are explained. (side note: that website link takes you to the site I found information-sorry, it does't take you to the exact article). Basically, as according to Dave, "Geometrically speaking, a "tangent" is a straight line that touches a curve but doesn't cross it." He goes on to say, "Running tangents is just a geeky way of saying 'running the shortest legal distance in a race'." 

I did this today!!! And, it worked!!! My total distance during the 10k was actually 6.17 when my friends watch read 6.2 when she finished!!!! So, I covered the course, but legally cut distance! Who knew?!!! How awesome is that?!!!! Cool, right?! yeah, yeah, I am showing my dorky/geeky math side..... but, It is a neat thing to know! I have ran courses before that I thought were missed marked because my gamin would be slightly under the distance for a 5K distance.... perhaps, I was running tangents then.....hmmmmm......

And NO!!! It is not cheating...... It is running SMART!! Race strategy on a course!!!! Shalane Flanagan showed her elite experience with running tangents while the pack ran all the corners.....SMART!!!

HEY LADIES-- Have you signed up for ZOOMA? 

I you haven't signed up for Zooma Florida, DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!! Fun Girl's weekend! SAVE 10% with PROMO CODE: POLLYANNA16

GO to the Zooma web page to register!!!!!!!! 

Gotta run!! UNTIL LATER!!! Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!!! 


Run Tangents? Do you consider this "cheating" or "smart"?

Did you run today? Do tell!!!.....

Rules you follow when sick? Run? Rest? Run if sick from neck up? Don't run if sick from neck down? 

Quirky things that happen on race day? I can't seem to keep a sun visor or hat on my head! LOL!