Trying not to be defeated by the heat.... making decision... not sure if wise decision

Saturday...... Max run vs Speed work 

By Friday, I was wiped out!!! I felt so tired! I wasn't sure what I was going to do Saturday morning as far as running was concerned.........

After hitting the snooze button at least a dozen times, I finally rolled out of bed! I fixed my usual morning protein smoothie..... andddddd, as I drank the smoothie, I contemplated what I was going to do..... would I attempt to run as fast as I could on the treadmill for 2 miles? Or, should I go to the track where I knew that I could really try to reach the speed that I was set to run on the training plan. Finally, I was dressed and laced up.....  and, I decided to go to the track. Then, I contemplated something else....... perform the Max run of 2 miles at around a 7:05 pace (which was on the actual plan) orrrrrrrrrr attempt speed work by running 8X400. It was HOT & HUMID!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I thought will I really run 2 miles at 7:05? And, my marathon isn't until March. At least with the 8x400, I would get a 60sec rest between. Wellllllllllll, I decided on the 8X400. I do understand that the VO Max runs overall increase running efficiency, and I should have performed the VO Max run....... but, I simply was't feeling it. I really felt that I would be able to put more into the speed work. I am not sure I did the right thing by substituting 8X400s for my VO Max run...... I have an email out to my coach and we will see what he says........ 😬 

Seriously, I was all out of sorts...... as pictured above, I didn't have my Garmin watch or my wireless ear phones charged!!!!! I never listen to music unless on treadmill or when running track. Luckily, I have charge ports in my car and a 40 minute drive to the track...... so, I had time to charge them both on the way. 

so, I ran a one mile warm up ➡️then on to the 400s (0.25 mile) which were as follows: 1:42 (6:50 pace), 1:36 (6:28), 1:38 (6:34), 1:41 (6:46), 1:39 (6:57), 1:43 (6:54), 1:42 (7:06), and 1:39 (6:39). I followed with a one mile cool down of one mile. 

Sunday (today), my friend Rhonda (pictured above) met me for our long run. On tap were 11 miles! I asked her, want a little challenge? We decided to throw in some hills (local people- yes, we are talking about Old wood valley)....... a local neighborhood allows us to throw in 1.5miles of rolling hills...... Rhonda is always a go getter and was up for it!!!!! And, we hit Old Wood Valley at around 6.5miles into our run. Anyway, the breakdown of the run is as follows: 

11 miles at an average 10:08 pace

Mile 1 - 10:37

Mile 2- 10:19

Mile 3- 10:20

Mile 4- 9:56

Mile 5 - 10:26

Mile 6- 10:06

Mile 7 - 10:02

Mile 8- 9:55

Mile 9- 10:16

Mile 10- 10:03

Mile 11- 9:33

As far as running goes, I had a pretty good week. :)

This week was my son's 8 year old well check.....on of the things that needed to be checked off the "before school to do list"....... here, school starts Thursday!!!!! UGH!!! I am so not ready! LOL!!! I mean, the school routine is always so rush, rush, rush......... oh well, summer break has to end like all good things. Anyway, I got cracked up when my son was;t to thrilled about being placed in the Princess room at the pediatrician's office. LOL! :D 

He waited patiently for the Nurse Practitioner........ made himself at home.... LOL!!! :D

We have been going to the pond each day to check on the gator that I posted about in the previous post...... I couldn't get a good pic of the gator, but here is a turtle on a island ..... wish I could have gotten a clearer picture. 

Well, time to get the nightly Sunday routine going....... where does the weekend go? Hope everyone had a great weekend. More soon! 


Ever feel mentally wiped out? How do you motivate to go run?

Speed Work vs VO MAX run? Which do you prefer?

Do you have the same long run routine? Or do you switch it up a bit?

School starting in your neck of the woods?