Back to Blogging, and Let's Talk Tapering..... gaining focus


Hellooooooooooooooooo............ OH MY GOODNESS, has it really been since December 4th since my last blog post?!!!!!!! I took some time off from blogging mainly to see if I really wanted to even continue blogging. I mean, I enjoy it..... I actually LOVE writing, but then I was wondering if the time it takes to write posts was justifiable. I mean, I already have a busy, hectic life with working full time, being a wife/mother, keeping up with training and getting runs in, etc. A blog post takes about 1 hour from start to finish ....... obtaining pics to download is probably the hardest part! Seriously, you have to make sure to capture things in the day or during a run/race that you will later want to write about. If this blog were just words, without pics to kinda back up the words, how dull would that be?!!!!!!! So, yes, although it may seem like I am a selfie queen or a craze picture person, I have justifiable reason---HA!HA!HA! Well, at least that is what I am claiming!!..... 

Seriously, it is hard sometimes to take a selfie if you don't have a runner friend or anyone to snap a shot..... see below!!! I am telling you, the struggle is REAL! 

Why to keep blogging????...... the emails that I receive from people who have said that my blog has either motivated them to start running, get back to running, or keep running gives good reason to keep on blogging........ the amazing thing is that these emails are usually not from people I know...... NO!!! I am no expert or a real seasoned runner.... heck, I started just 4 years ago at the age of 40!!!!! But, if there is one thing for certain............ If I can do this, ANYONE surely can!!!!!! Ok, let's move on!!!! :D

No Blogging, but have been running

My current training plan has been focusing on a half marathon in March....... focus was on running a sub 1:50:00 half marathon. However, as with best made plans, things can change. I am registered to run the Tallahassee Half Marathon this next Sunday!!!! I have ran this race for the last 2 years. It is one of my favorite races even with the fact that the course was changed last year to a hill after hill course. Each year, this course has set a half marathon PR for me with last year's time 1:56:42. I have since pr'd in October for a half at the Zooma half in Florida at 1:54:24. About a week ago, I decided that I DID NOT want to use Tallahassee for just a regular long run. I expressed this to the coach and decision was made to start taper mode. YES, perhaps this is NOT a course that I will be able to pull out a sub 1:50:00, but if I could simply PR from my last year's time, I'd be good with that!!!! And, YES, perhaps I am sacrificing a great race at Albany in March........but, if the stars align this next Sunday, as they did last year....... I AM GOING FOR IT!!!!! I have decided that I will know within the first 3-5 miles whether I will have a good chance at a PR........ if things don't feel or look good, I will back off and slow.....then cruise to the finish. Then, focus will be on to Albany in March. If things do go well, and I do race the entire half marathon....... then, the following week after the half marathon, I will be in recovery mode and will consult with the coach that designs my plan on how to get back to training for Albany which may simply be a training type run. I plan to be smart about things.... no time for injury!!! I NEEEEEEEEEED running in my life. I do not want to compromise being able to run! Seriously, I run about 35-36 miles a week for good reason...... reduce stress and to stay sane!!!! Otherwise, I'd be more uptight than I already am...... Ha! hahahahahaha! HA! :D

BELOW, are pics from me coming in last year at the Tallahassee Half Marathon.... I could NOT believe that I had sub 2:00:00 a half marathon..... that had been my goal that day.... a goal that was set at the beginning of the race.... one that probably should have been made weeks prior.... I was in the middle of full marathon training, and I was suppose to run this half that day at around 2:15:00...... oops... oh well......  


Taper Mode

Ahhhhhhhhhh, taper mode! Should be an exciting and relaxing time, right? I mean, mileage is decreased by 20%...........less running should bring feelings of relief, right? First of all, TAPER mode, as every runner knows, is extremely important!!! Last year, I DID NOT DO THIS!!! I was in the middle of training for a full marathon that I was to run the following month. Tallahassee was to be "just a regular long run." I was NOT to race it!!!! Wellllllll, that was until the morning of the race and I felt great, the weather was perfect, my legs showed up race day, there were fellow runners from my home town there......... yes, it was a "seize the day" kind of day!!!!! NOT SMART! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!!!!!! This year I was avoiding this by starting taper for "just in case." 

Taper is kinda big deal!! A must!!!!! This is when tissue damage is repaired and glycogen stores are restored. Mileage in training basically causes a continued fatigue state....... a state not to be raced in!!! Therefore, you taper to rest and get ready to race! If you have trained properly, you have DONE ALL THE WORK you needed to do........ your deposit to the bank (so to speak) has been made! There is nothing in the 2 weeks preceding the race that you can do to make any difference!! Your mileage decreases by about 20% and your training should now be focused on resting up!!! That includes running easy, eating well, getting enough sleep, and getting your mind right for race day!!!!!!!! 

Taper can bring doubt!!! You must fight doubt off!!!! Your mind will play tricks on you by second guessing your training: Did i make the most of my training runs, did I do enough, should I have performed more strength training, should I have performed more speed work/tempo runs, is it realistic that I can meet my goal time, will my legs show up race day............... YOU MUST KEEP THE MIND STRONG!!!! IGNORE these thoughts! (As I write this, I am reminding my own self about this)........ the mind is a powerful thing, and it is the main reason either one succeeds or fails! If you must, distract yourself from these thoughts by doing other things...... for instance, I cleaned today!! LOL!!! My house suffers due to my running.... but, bring on taper, and the house gets cleaned!!! HA! HA! Well, and the fact that I am back to blogging!! The blog suffered too! LOL!!! But, seriously, you can read, make a craft, etc........ Just know, the work has been done!!!! 

Well, I will try to update blog at least 3 times a week..... that is my goal, if not, I will catch up on weekend. But, I will try to do better...... that is unless life gets too crazy!!! I appreciate you all!!! Have a great rest of the weekend! 



Are you training for a race coming up? Do tell!!!!

Fellow bloggers, tips on getting the perfect photos? How do you do it? The selfie stick was a fail for me! Broke 2 and I hardly remember to bring it anywhere! 

Taper mode...... how do you cope?