Busy life lately.....Sunday= long run... there are great things going on and not so great things too

AHHHhhhhhhhh, Sunday! Longggggggg run day!!!!! Today on schedule....14 miles!!!!!!!! Honestly, after looking at the weather prior to leaving my house at 5am, I was't sure that I would make the entire 14 miles........ not to be a whiner.........but..... I WANT COOLER WEATHER!!!!!!!!! ANDDDDDD, I WANT IT NOWWWWWW!!!! LOL! :D

There was a slight breeze that started around mile 9 and that helped!

Anyway, 14 miles is made better with running friends! I met up with a running group at the early morning hours! We took our best effort to take a group picture.... we have some work to do on that!!! But hey, we are runners, not photographers!!! HA!HA! We even made a short good luck video for one of our own that is tackling an IRONMAN today!!! Yes, that is right, A FULL ENTIRE IRONMAN!!!! I can't even begin to wrap my brain around that!!!!! 

ong Run Breakdown

So, I did make the entire 14 miles.... in fact, I ended up running 14.17 miles at an average of a 10:39 pace. I know, kinda an odd number of miles to run, but this was needed in order for me to get back to my car... and after the, I was not running a step more!! NOPE! NO WAY!!! LOL!!!!! I did walk the track for a mile prior to getting in my car to leave. My long run pace as set by coach is 10:10-10:40, so, I was pretty much right there! I slowed down during the summer, and honestly, I am feeling the benefits.... I feel better, stronger, and my race times have improved!!!! This makes me less discouraged about my running.

Mile 1- 11:45

Mile 2- 10:33

Mile 3- 10:50

Mile 4- 10:26

Mile 5- 10:27

Mile 6- 10:39

Mile 7- 10:19

Mile 8- 10:44

Mile 9- 10:17

Mile 10 -10:04

Mile 11- 10:21

Mile 12- 10:41

Mile 13- 10:59

Mile 14- 11:00

Busy week!

Wednesdays are cub scout days.... I usually pick my son up at 5pm  from an after school program, and then we have exactly 1 hour to grab something to eat and get to the cub scout meeting. We live way too far to run home prior to meeting..... so, usually, Texas Roadhouse is where we end up! I am sure in this picture he was telling me about his day..... he is a character and LOVES to talk!!! I actually enjoy listening to him..... with my job, I talk all day long, so to sit and just listen as he jumps from subject to subject about his day, I get to relax a bit :)

He is all about the cub scouts!!! He takes pride in being a scout! He tries to do his best as it states in the scout code....... Plus, there are some great kids in scouts too! They always have fun! 

Below, is a picture from Saturday night at the Texas Roadhouse..... yes, it is pretty much the only restaurant that we eat at...... my two guys always pick the roadhouse!!! :)

On Thursday, it was time for my dermatology check up.... I was so dreading it because I knew of 3 lessons that were going to get biopsied! UGH! And, yes in deed, I did have those 3 sites biased along with 2 others biopsied!!!!! 5 total!!! UGH! I have a scar already to my upper right forehead area due to basal cell skin cancer! I am really concerned that the biopsied that I had in my hair line on Thursday is the same! Soooooooo, I will be dreading that call from the dermatologist office when the biopsy reports come back!!! ***SIGH*** My husband had 2 biopsies performed.... he has had squamous cell carcinoma on his neck..... that is worse than Basal cell! But, still not melanoma at least! Having pale skin, blue eyes, sunburn before age 20, and father with skin cancer.... I pretty much have every risk factor for some type of skin cancer. I have worn sun screen since age 26, however, the damage that I am dealing with is from years prior! SO, my PSA (public service announcement) is to get annual skin checks. And just because you have olive skin does't make you safe! I have 2 friends that have had melanoma and had an olive complexion which tanned easily! Oh, and wear sunscreen!!!

Also, on Thursday, my son started soccer!!! I was unable to take him to the first practice..... luckily, my dad (AKA Papa) took him! Andddd, an awesome mom of another player took some pictures of Ben and texted them to me!!!! I can'r even begin to express how much that meant to me!!!!!!! If I could have hugged her through the phone, I would have!!!

Ben was so very nervous about the first soccer practice......he has not played on an official team sport until now and he was afraid that he might not know all the rules or mess up! But, he had the best time ever!!! He can't stop talking about it!!!!! 

Well, That is my week in a nut shell..... some fun good stuff..... and then, not so fun stuff! Hope you guys had a great week!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!!! Thanks for support of this blog and over looking typos..... I try to proof read, but honestly, sometimes I barely have time to type...... just like yesterday, I later found a typo, but too late to correct..... oops    :-/

UNTIL LATER.............................................

Fun week? Anything exciting? Those that have kids, what sports do they play?

Favorite place to eat? Do you go several times a month like us? Or, does your family like variety? 

Skin cancer? have a story to share? No fun at all! UGH!