Sunday=Long run day...... will the days ever get less humid?

Humidity - Not a friend of a Runner

UGH.....the heat and humidity continue in South Georgia!!! 96% at 6am this morning when our group started our long run....... Seriously, i PROMISE to NEVER complain about cooler/cold weather again!! PROMISE!!!! This humidity is ridiculous!!!!!!!

Around mile 9.5 I snapped this selfie...... little blurry since I didn't stop running... HA!:D

We had a pretty great running group this morning..... this is after a 10 mile loop! We were all spent!!! The humidity left us all hot and sweaty!!! Probably should have taken a picture prior to us actually running...LOL! Maybe next time.....

Run Break down

I started with a mile warm up at a 11:26 pace.... had to get the legs moving!!! At 5:45am, my legs just are not awake!!! Have to get them going!!!!! 

Anyway, my warm up mile was followed by 10mile run at an average 10:31 pace and the break down is as follows: 

Mile 1- 10:51

Mile 2- 10:38

Mile 3- 10:43

Mile 4- 10:26

Mile 5- 10:40

Mile 6- 10:21

Mile 7- 10:44

Mile 8- 10:06

Mile 9- 10:28

Mile 10- 10:03

I was cooling down at the track..... I always walk at least a mile or longer after my long run... seems to make legs from becoming so tight later...... and, I had a great surprise of running into my friend Hala!!!! This lady is always uplifting... has the kindest heart! In our busy lives, we don't always get to see friends as much as we would, moments like these are AWESOME! 

It was over a good week....... this was my first week back after being sick and taking a week off from running. I cut all my runs this week by 2 miles. Honestly, I just didn't want to exhaust myself. Will try to jump back on track with my training plan. 

I have a half marathon coming up at the end of October. I have been  debating back and forth about exactly how to run this half marathon. Do I run and do the best I can? Or, should I simply enjoy the experience, take pics along the course, and maybe even a video?...... decisions! I am running the Zooma Florida race which takes place at the beach!!!! It is catered to women..... Honestly, I think I really just want to "take it all in"....... plus, I was lucky enough to be a Zooma Ambassador this year and would love to document the race afterwards on my blog... that would mean needing to stop and take pictures/video along the course. I am really leaning toward this.... I think it would be neat to be able to go back and just document the entire experience! Also, I believe that it will be hot anyway.... and I don't run great in the heat anyway. Besides, as far as a PR for a Half, I really have my heart set on trying that in February at the Tallahassee Half marathon where I pr'd last year with a time of 1:56:42...... so why push this time? 

Speaking of Zooma- Come Run with ME!!!

Ladies, if you haven't grabbed your friends and signed up for Zooma Florida....... DO NOW!!!! The race is capped!!! Andddddddd, you can save 10% with the PROMO CODE: POLLYANNA16

Sun, beach, wine, massages, being around inspiring women, yoga, shopping, and much more...... don't miss out!!!!!! 

Happy Sunday Folks! Hope you have a great rest of the day!!!! UNTIL LATER......


Still humid in your neck of the woods? 

Ever ran a race for fun? just soak in the experience