10k fun, Visor falling off, talking tangents--smart? cheating?

Never know who you might see

So, I found out of a 10K that was taking place in an outside town named Moultrie, Georgia which is only about 20 min from my house!!!! I had 7 miles on the training schedule today; therefore, this was a no brainer...... I had to run it!!!!!! Crazy thing is that I ran into 4 other people from Valdosta!!! How cool is that?!!!!!! Lisa is the selfie Master.... I am never able to take a selfie of a group like this without using a selfie stick! She rocks! 

Below is my friend/co-worker Arlene..... we were both pretty excited about the 10K.... most local runs are 5ks..... so, it was nice to have a different distance to run. 

Below is a guy named Joe... he has ran over a 1000 races.... I forget the exact total. He is in his 70s and smokes the local 5KS and such.... 

Crowd at the finish line..... probably should have taken the photo from the front which would have included  the finish clock in the picture ..... yes, amateur blogger mistake... I am still learning!! Next time I won't forget! LOL! 

We Placed in our age groups! 

Breakdown of the 10K

Ok, like I said, I had 7 miles on the training schedule. Therefore, I decided that I would run a 1 mile warm up and then the 10k (6.2miles). I debated whether to "race" it or "up tempo" it. I just completed running my first week after being sick. I didn't think it to be wise to full force push race this 10k. Therefore, up tempo run it was. Also, I decided that I would walk through water stations on the course in order to pour water on my head and to take a quick sip......and, there were like 4 water stops!!!!!! So, I did walk 4 different times through the water stops. 

Breakdown: 6.17miles (I am going to discuss tangents!!! On of my other friends at 6.2 at finish on her watch) total time 54:19 which equals 8:48 average pace

Mile 1- 8:16

Mile 2- 8:43

Mile 3- 9:08 (walked a water stop and my sun visor flew off--had to stop run back and get it! :)

Mile 4-8:45

Mile 5- 9:07

Mile 6- 8:56

Yes, you read that right!!!! My sun visor flew off in mile 3 and I had to stop, turn around, pick it off the ground, and place back on my head!!!! :D 

Seems to be a problem of mine..... hats flying off!!!! I think I have them too loose on my head, but I can't stand anything tight on my head.... if you guys have been following this blog, you remember my marathon when my hat flew off at the end....... below is the youtube video if you missed it!!! I might need to tighten my hats/visors up!!! LOL! :D


Have you ever seen a water fountain like the one below?!!!!!!! It has a Water bottle fountain that fills your water bottle up in a snap!!!!!! My friend Arlene and I were beyond excited and amazed.... seriously, is this not the best thing on the planet?!!!! I think local parks should have these!!! It would prevent a runner from having to "water drop." I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE MORE OF THESE!!!!!!! I think I will write the city of Valdosta!! 

Below is a closer look of the fountain.... Again, THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!! THESE SHOULD BE EVERY WHERE!!!!!! 

No FUN being sick!

Let me tell you..... I am so thankful and happy to be feeling better!!! Yes, I am finally back to feeling like myself! Man...... haven't been this sick in a while. This respiratory infection took me out for an entire week!!! I even had to leave work early one day and missed the entire next day of work!!! You know I am sick if I don't make it to work. Another sign that I am sick is that I don't run.... and even more convincing is that I don't even say I miss running....... Yes, if I am sick enough... running and everything else goes!!! Luckily, that doesn't happen all too often! 

I am pretty sure that that I went through at least 5 full boxes of tissue!!!! How the body can make so much snot......I just don't know!!! Ok, maybe that was TMI (too much information)....lol... 

I skipped Monday's run......but, Tuesday I was feeling well enough to climb up on the treadmill in the early morning hours prior to getting ready for work!!! Oh yes, I was back!!!! 4 miles on a treadmill never felt more AMAZING!!!!! Seriously, for an entire week there was NO running!!! No working out!! NADA!!!!! All due to a respiratory infection! I decided Tuesday on a slowwww and steady run and I cut back the 6 miles on training plan to 4 miles. I am thankful that I was able to fully recover and get better! It is a blessing to have your health!!! Life has a way of giving you a reality check and slowing you down...... times like acute illness instantly puts things in life into perspective.... you become more thankful for the many blessings that you  can take for granted.... and you are reminded that there are some things you need to stop stressing and worrying about...... 

But hey, one thing about not running for an entire week was that I was able to do things that normally take a back seat..... I was able to go through thousands of emails and sent messages........my email has never been so cleaned out! I was able to gather and complete paperwork that needs to be submitted for my national certification! This was a major WIN!!! And..... I was able to take care of all my notifications on all the apps on my phone!!!! My phone screen has never looked like this in years!! HA! HA! HA! It is the small things that bring such great delight!!!! So, being sick wasn't completely a waste of time!!!!  :):)


OKAY...... I want to talk TANGENTS!!!!!! When watching the Olympics the announcers were making such a HUGE deal of Shalane Flanagan running tangents!!! Honestly, I didn't even really know about running tangents on courses until this was made into such a big deal. The announcers were debating about whether it was ok to run tangents and that Shalane was not covering the same distance as the other runners...... oh yes, I had to research this!!! 

Below is a picture of running tangents.......

In the article "The Basics: Running Tangents" posted by a guy named Dave on the 'Science-Based Running' web page at www.sciencebasedrunning.com tangents are explained. (side note: that website link takes you to the site I found information-sorry, it does't take you to the exact article). Basically, as according to Dave, "Geometrically speaking, a "tangent" is a straight line that touches a curve but doesn't cross it." He goes on to say, "Running tangents is just a geeky way of saying 'running the shortest legal distance in a race'." 

I did this today!!! And, it worked!!! My total distance during the 10k was actually 6.17 when my friends watch read 6.2 when she finished!!!! So, I covered the course, but legally cut distance! Who knew?!!! How awesome is that?!!!! Cool, right?! yeah, yeah, I am showing my dorky/geeky math side..... but, It is a neat thing to know! I have ran courses before that I thought were missed marked because my gamin would be slightly under the distance for a 5K distance.... perhaps, I was running tangents then.....hmmmmm......

And NO!!! It is not cheating...... It is running SMART!! Race strategy on a course!!!! Shalane Flanagan showed her elite experience with running tangents while the pack ran all the corners.....SMART!!!

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Run Tangents? Do you consider this "cheating" or "smart"?

Did you run today? Do tell!!!.....

Rules you follow when sick? Run? Rest? Run if sick from neck up? Don't run if sick from neck down? 

Quirky things that happen on race day? I can't seem to keep a sun visor or hat on my head! LOL!