Sunday.....Not a run to brag about & re-thinking goals

Sunday, long run day...... Well, this wasn't the best feeling run. My pace was good, but the run seemed to be a bit "pushed." Strange how in marathon training, you work up the mileage, and a 15 or 17 mile run seems to be somewhat "easy"..... but then you take a bit of hiatus to recover from the marathon and 8-10 miles seems labor intensive! I have been told this, but honestly, you don't know what other runners mean by this until you experience it for yourself. The feeling I have at the moment is making me "re-think" my goals. 

I met up with some fellow runners who were on their game. Me? Not so much! But, it was nice to chat and run about 4-4.5 miles with them before cutting off. The chatting always makes the run not seem so challenging..... especially when you felt the way I did today! 

BREAK DOWN OF TODAY'S RUN! 8.06 miles @ 9:12 average pace

MILE 1- 9:50 (was feeling ok, thought to myself, I think I got this today!)

MILE 2- 9:21 (still ok, felt a bit better.... really thought I had this run in the bag! Can't ever tell a run by mile 1, but by mile 2, usually you have an idea of how run will be that day!)

MILE 3- 9:09 (Slight incline occurs around this time of the run... I started to feel this weird right hamstring tightness that I have been experiencing lately)

MILE 4- 9:00 (Ok, this is when I said "enough".... going too fast... I felt my breathing becoming a bit more labored. This is when I knew that I would bail from the group at a street that I know takes me back to where we park, and if I was a bit short on miles, there is a park to circle if needed)

*****NOTE: It is strange how just the amount of "seconds" with pace can break a runners threshold. Or, at least, this is the case with me... honestly, I can usually run a 9:05-9:15 pace, and I am just pushing a little, but then anything under that, quickly it seems that I am pushing & breathing becomes labored. This is when things that I have read about  long runs circle around in my head stating that long runs should be about a minute to minute and half slower than race pace...... I also hear the coach saying, "No huffing or puffing!!!" 

MILE 5- 9:24 (Oh, I felt better.... instantly better. My breathing was controlled, and I did not feel that pushing sensation I was experiencing. 

MILE 6- 9:03 (Ok, better pace..... still felt "good,"  no huffing and puffing...... mile 6 was good!)

MILE 7- 9:14 (still felt better..... still had breathing under control. I knew that I was good to get in the last mile..... this is when another runner joined me as well since I had bumped into him when I got back to area where our cars are parked. He ran the last mile with me... I was feeling good....we chatted and the mile went quick! 

MILE 8- 8:42 (Maybe I was just getting into the groove, or I was just so stinkin' happy to be running the last mile of my long run today... either way, Mile 8 flew--- literally!!!!

*** Then, I hopped on the track that is nearby to where our cars are parked and I walked a mile, stretched, and jumped into my car.... Although the run did not feel the greatest for the first half of it, I have to say, I was so GLAD to have ran today! Felt good, although I wasn't feeling the greatest about the run!!! :D

Found the below quote on Pinterest at .... this is so very true!!!!! As long as you get out there and run, that is all that matters! No matter how crappy the run feels!!!!! Trust me, you never regret choosing to run! 

I have been lately thinking about some running goals...... I think goals are important to have because goals give you motivation to work toward something...... Goals make it easier to be disciplined to stick with something like running. Anyway, I really considered running a full marathon in Jan 2017. I picked this Jan 2017 race because it is flat and the time of year shouldn't be too hot. I would LOVE to run the marathon I ran this year again, but it looks like my weekend walk in call will fall on that very weekend. BUT..... I am starting to re-think the full marathon. I so wanted to plan another full marathon because I know what it feels like to meet miles 20-26.2.... I know, I know..... every race is different because so many things can affect a person's running like illness, injury, weather, life getting in the way of training, hydration, eating right, etc...... But, I really wanted to take on a full marathon without the fear of the unknown in reference to the last miles! Plus, I would like to see if I could train to improve and maybe run smarter! 

Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of my first marathon time of 4:30:39..... but I would like to run a marathon with the knowledge I have now. Anyway, that may be a couple years out. For now, I am thinking I need to focus on getting faster. Maybe get faster with 5K and half marathon times! Not sure..... decisions, decisions, decisions.....

Gotta get dinner going.... UNTIL LATER! Thank you to those that support my blog... whether you email subscribe, liked my Facebook page "My Time Runner Girl", follow on twitter @mytimerunnergir, or on instagram at My Time Runner. I really appreciate your support. I love reading emails that I receive and post to the social media site. I appreciate those who have shared my FB page as well. I went from barely 50 follower to 139... couldn't do it without you guys! Thank you!!! :D


**Do you have running goals? If yes, please share!!! 

**Do running goals motivate you? Or do you simply just run with no goal in mind?

**If you have ran a marathon, did it seem like a struggle running miles under 10 miles? Would make me feel better if this just didn't apply to me!