Low Key Weekend Recap

This weekend was a bit low key with my 6 year old under the weather with strep throat. :( Luckily, he is bouncing back...... 

I slept in Saturday morning, so by the time I was ready to run, I had no other choice but to jump on the treadmill! I was able to get in my 6 miles at an overall average of 9:28 pace. 

For the first time, since my marathon at the beginning of March, my run did not seem "pushed." My legs actually felt like what my legs felt like prior to running the marathon in early March!! I was so happy! Who knew that running a marathon would have such lasting effects on the body?!?!

Since my old legs seemed to be back, I decided to meet with the local running group for my long run! It was a small turn out with only 4 of us running..... we started out slow with the first mile 11:08 for a warm up. Then we steadily picked up the pace and ended with an overall 9:37 pace for a 10.02 mile run! I was thrilled with my run today! My legs felt good the entire time and did not have the weird heavy feeling that I have been experiencing!!! YAY! :D 

Below is the overall break down of run! For most part, each mile was a negative split......

Anyway, it is a new week! Speed work today (Monday).... I know I need speed work, but I so don't look forward to speed work!! LOL! 



How was your weekend?!?!?!

RUN? Training run? Racing?