Monday...... FITBIT vs Treadmill................

Yeah, soooooooo, remember me bragging that I didn't bruise or lose a toenail during marathon training or during actual marathon race? Well, 2 1/2 weeks out, I noticed my toenail was bruised!!! Weird that it took so long! I kept meaning to take a picture, but kept forgetting. Finally, I did remember, but you can see it is resolving with the yellow discoloration setting in......  which is a sign that the bruise is about to be gone. I know it wasn't related to my runs after the marathon, because I really have only been running about 3 times a week since early March, and I have only been running short distances........... but, on a positive note, I didn't lose a toenail!!! Right?!?!! There is always a positive look at things.... LOL :D

********Treadmill vs Fitbit

So, this morning, I decided to see just how well my fitbit would correlate with the treadmill..... I have to say, It was a FITBIT FAIL!!!!!!

Treadmill showed 3.005 miles at 28:37 which is a 9:31 pace. The fitbit??! Well, it showed that I ran 2.52 miles instead!! Which would mean I was 0.5 miles less than my scheduled run this morning. If I had solely went by my fitbit, I would still be running!!! Oh well!!! I still love the Fitbit for all other things it has to offer...... but as for treadmill running, I won't even bother put it on.... unless I need to monitor heart rate..... which maybe I should..... hammy

Saturday morning, I decided to sleep in..... I didn't set alarm because my alarm would be my 6 year old son! HA! HA! Anyway, about 8am, my son woke me up. We decided to go out and check out the garden!! Starting to see some ground breaking!!! So exciting!!! The garden seems slow growing at first, but in the next couple weeks, things will grow like crazy! 

Yeah, I just rolled out of bed.... pinned my hair up, got dressed, and headed out the door...... hence why my hair looks like a hot mess! LOL! :D 

My son and I found this HUGE ant hill!!! Amazing that such a tiny little creature could build a gigantic hill..... this thing was monstrous!! Seriously, the pictures don't do it justice!! And, you don't dare step on this... here in South Georgia we have FIRE ANTS!!!!!! They will crawl on you, and then they send a signal, and they all sting you at once!!!! This is a creature to fear!!! A fire ant may be small, but they are to be feared!!!! No joke! 

Sunday morning, my son went on an Easter egg hunt..... at 6 years old, he is quite speedy now and most of my pictures look like the one below! LOL! :D 

I did managed to get one full picture that I posted to my Instagram My Time Runner, but all others look like this one!!! It was fun.... all that matters! 

Well, gotta run...... Monday routine is on..... well, my son is on spring break which means I didn't have to pack his lunch, but I still need to get myself ready and out the door!!! HAPPY MONDAY!!



***********Found any gps/running watch that correlated with treadmill?

***********Fun weekend? Do tell.....

***********Running goals? Still working on mine......... hummmmmmm