To Blog, Or Not to Blog........ when one isn't running

Blog? Yes? No? Maybe

So, it has been forever and a day since my last blog posting........ really don't have a great reason except that sometimes life throws curve balls. Over the last several days, I have thought about writing, but then...... I haven't even ran in the last week!!!! Yes, it has been an ENTIRE week since I last ran!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have become that runner that gets so VERY jealous seeing other runners running when I pass by in my car or when looking at all the run photos on Instagram!!!!! Yes, I am having my own pity party at the moment!!!!!! Trying to be positive, but with each day of not running, I am becoming a little down. Just being honest.... and yes, I know that there are worse things in the world, and that this is not a "big" deal, but I neeeeeeeed running for life balance! So, "It's my (pity) party and, I will cry if I want to!" Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So, why no running? Well, last Sunday, I became so fatigued! Just worn out! My husband and I had did some major cleaning out clutter in the house and moved heavy furniture! I thought I was worn out from that... but then, things became clearer...... scratchy sore throat, head congestion, and fatigue........ yep, appeared I was getting a head cold! The week went by and symptoms worsened! Thursday, I threw in the towel and decided to get checked out. Received a steroid shot on Thursday and prescription for antibiotic to start if didn't improve. Well, Yesterday, Saturday, I gave in and started antibiotics since now the infection is in my chest! UGH!!! I am the worse patient ever! Anyway, I don't have any fun running stuff, but will blog about some happenings going on..................

Thanksgiving 5K

The annual Thanksgiving 5K took place on Thanksgiving day (of course)....... Last 5K that I ran.. It was a great day! Weather was actually pretty nice. I felt good. Thought I was on point with my Thanksgiving knee high socks (see below), but then there was the guy above in a FULL on Turkey suit!!!!!!! Hands down, he was the one on point that day!!! LOVED IT! :) 


Great weather or maybe the socks above put a little more pep in my step that led to a PR (personal record) ......... Yes, I PR'd at 23:42 (official time)- my garmin time was 23:43. I will take it!!!!! Slowly, but surely, I am chipping off the seconds!!! Running is definitely a sport that EVERY second counts!!!! 


All week long, my son had it planned out that he was going to bring his basketball and football to his grandma's house in order to play with his uncles! Below, Uncle Mark was a trooper throwing the football...... my son was so excited that he kept the basketball in one hand and was catching the football with the other hand!!! LOL! :D 

My husband was especially grateful..... usually, it is my son and him one on one with playing football and basketball.....which leaves my husband exhausted! LOL!!! Seriously, our son has two modes: ON and OFF! HA!HA! I would't want it any other way either! :)

Then,,,,,,, there was an INTENSE game of Jenga at our house.... Not to brag, but I am the Jenga Master currently..... yes, mommy has skills!! :D

My son was studying my husband's every move!! LOL!! 

Second of 3 skin cancers Removed

Wednesday, November 30TH, I had the 2nd  of the 3 skin cancers that I am having removed. Remember, I was feeling ill..... would have cancelled appointment, but there is a charge if you cancel within 24 hours of appt time...... but, my mother pulled through and drove me to my appointment. The dermatologist is located an hour and half from where I live, so, not a quick drive. 

These are the initial pics of the excision site on my back..... looks pretty awful, but it is amazing how the skin heals over a short time and the scars fade...... The body is an amazing piece of work....

Yes, my mom pulled through and drove me to my appointment...... the lobby was pretty full when we arrived. My mother said that she would simply wait in the car for me........ and, this is how I found her..... SOUND TO SLEEP!!!! Seriously, who does this except my mother? And, who has a pillow and blanket in the car? LOL! She is a nut! 

Oops!!!! Mommy forgot the Big Arrival!!! 

So, every December 1st, Elvis the Elf comes to visit our house..... with being under the weather, the last thing on my mind was the ELF!!! And, I did forget all about it until my son woke up on Thursday morning searching for the Elf...... luckily, Elvis did eventually arrive and had a hand written note apologizing for being late.... whew..... disaster fixed! 

Below, is my husband...... the next day, my son was having "Breakfast with Santa" and I needed to practice my camera I have a really nice camera, but I always seem to only snap pictures with my phone camera. However, I decided to brush the dust off the fancy camera and take some practice shots..... my son was asleep, therefore, my husband had to be the model! LOL!!! He rarely smiles for pictures, but I think my goofiness cracked  him up.... he actually is smiling in the photo!!! HA! 

Breakfast with Santa

Santa and Ben had a serious conversation...... Guitar is high on the wish list this year.... and wish list only consists of 2 things! 

There was fun activities as well.... like getting a fake tattoos :)

Showing off his Awesome Christmas tree tattoo

My son and a buddy from school made some yummy Reindeer Food!!!!!! 

When going home, we drove through the downtown area..... It is always decorated for Christmas! My son jumped into the Santa Sleigh! 

Below, my son and I took a selfie in the sleigh..... Make up is a wonderful thing.... I almost don't look sick...... but, believe me, I was feeling under the weather. Had to powder my nose prior to this picture, otherwise, I would look like Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer!!! Blowing my nose excessive has led to a red nose in deed! The morning festivities on Saturday wore me out, and I was in bed for most of the rest of the day.... ugh! But, no way was I going to miss Breakfast with Santa!!! NOPE! 

Here is a pretty amazing decorated tree in the downtown area!!! We will definitely have to drive through one night when it is dark and the Christmas lights on!!!

So, probably not one of my most interesting or informative blog postings................ hopefully, I can get back to feeling better, and I will have more running adventures or stories to tell :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!! Thanks to those that take time to support this little blogging adventure of mine. Thinking that by the first of the year, I need to vamp up my blog..... but, I am not the most tech savvy and will have to do some research! 



Exciting weekend? Any Holiday traditions? DO to hear!!!

ELF? Have one? This is my 3rd year running...... first year was so much fun and I had so many creative ideas... this year... I may be turning to Pinterest for ideas! :D

Ever been bummed about running? Ever taken an entire week off? Did it take forever to bounce back after a hiatus? 

Suggestions for this blog...... I really need to vamp it up.... open to ideas!