Let's talk rain and foot pain.....

Do you have foot pain? Ball of foot?Arch of foot? Plantar fasciitis? I tend to have pain to the ball of my right foot mostly, but on occasion to my heel. Seems to flare when I increase distance when running. Frustrating at times. I find exercises that stretch the calf muscle seem to help, but what has been most effective for me is rolling a tennis ball under my foot. I roll it back and forth and side to side. Sometimes this can hurt so good. Can actually be some what painful at first, but man does makes a big difference. 

RAIN, RAIN, and more RAIN! So, I had a half day today from work. Therefore, I ran like mad getting errands performed and then picked Ben up from school. I LOVE when I can do this! Just love being in the car line with all the other parents picking up their children. Ben's face always lights up when he spots me in the car line. One day, I will catch this on camera. Until then, I keep a mental picture of his happy little face!! I know, I too probably smile from ear to ear as well!  Anyway, it was raining by the time I picked him up. When we got home, the rain had lightened up. Therefore, we decided to have some fun. We went for a short run (just a couple of miles). Boy, my shoes and socks were soaked! And a bit muddy..... but it was still fun. Ben was smart, he had rain boots on!!! 

Afterwards, we checked out the garden and Ben was informing of the progress and where everything was planted. He is quite the little farmer! 

Then, Ben and I gave our best attempt at a selfie....LOL... we will need to practice a bit more! 

And the best part of today's adventure, Ben picking flowers for me (beautiful even if they are simply weeds).... 

Even a raining day can be a good day when you are with great company! :)


Do you have foot pain? How do you manage it? 

Does weather affect your running and outside activities? Or do you simply press on no matter why? Or stay indoor?

What happen today to make you smile? happy?