Marathon training is on..... aerobic training, cleaning up diet

The first of the week marked the official beginning of my marathon training. Seeing as though this will be my FIRST EVER FULL MARATHON, I decided to have a local college cross country coach design a training plan for me. Seriously, I know that a FULL marathon is a BEAST like no other race I have done. I was asked a WHOLE bunch of questions about my running, and what my goals were by the coach. From that, the coach designed a plan that is conservative which is exactly what I need. I love how on Fridays of each week he put "you deserve a break today." (see pic above)

The overall plan is to keep a "steady state run" and to "stay aerobic at ALL times!!!!!" The over all plan is based on cumulative miles during training with my feet on the road, and to build my aerobic condition so that I cross the finish line in March without any huffing and puffing.  I honestly think this is the most brilliant plan ever!!! Definitely individualized for me and my current needs/goals. . 

Due to needing to stay aerobic, I am also learning to "heart rate" train. With that being said, I did have to order a watch that could monitor my heart rate while I run. AND..... I RECEIVED my new watch in the mail from Road runner sports!!! WOOT! WOOT! Now, I will have to figure out how to operate this "tech savvy watch."  I really love my basic watch, but with a BEAST mode training for a full marathon, I am trying to train smart. 

I really think it is going go to be hard to completely train aerobically!  The slow, easy mode running might be difficult at times..... mostly with the weekday short runs. 

In the future, on  Mondays, I will post the week's schedule. This past week included: 

Monday-Thursday 3miles each day at a "steady state run while staying aerobic at all times." Saturday (tomorrow) 5 miles are on tap, and then Sunday 11miles. This will bring the weekly run total to 28 miles. I will be better at posting and updating how each run goes. 

With marathon training, I will also need to clean up my diet. I know that I must fuel my body properly in order to perform well. I mean, I don't totally eat bad, however, I do have a sweet tooth! :-/  Definitely, this Chocolate Triple Delight popcorn that I purchased in support of my son's cub scout troop will NEED TO GO!!!!!! Seriously, this stuff is addictive!!!!! You can NOT eat just a little.... with each bite, you crave more and more!!!!! You can't stop!!!!! 

Well, time to get the nightly routine going.....dinner, baths, etc..... plan is early to bed in order to run early in morning! Thank you all that are joining me on my journey to complete 26.2 on 3/5/2015!!! Hope you have a great evening!!

UNTIL LATER...................


Have you ever trained aerobically? Tips?

Have any tips on running a full marathon? (I want all tips!!! From gear, to clothing, to training, to hair ideas!!!)

Have you ever discovered a food that was truly addictive? (I am usually a cupcake girl, but that cub scout popcorn gives cupcakes a run for their money!!!!)