Good News: PR HALF, Bad News: Car battery died

Well, as you know, usually on Saturdays, I run a local 5k. As luck would have it, the organizers of the 5K cancelled earlier this week.... I am still figuring out how I will get a refund! I have emailed twice, but no response!! Not cool! But, let's move on.....

Also, as you know, if you follow this blog, you are aware that I was to run the Rock n' Roll Half last weekend, but had to back out because the stars just weren't aligning in a way to make it able for me to go... but I won't go into that again. It actually was a blessing that I didn't make it to that race! The weather was brutally hot and humid! 

Anyway, earlier this week, I found the Tom Walker Half Marathon that was to run today in Gainesville. I debated all week on whether to run it or not...... Need-less-to-say, I decided to run it! Gainesville is old stomping grounds for me seeing as though I lived in Gainesville to attend Graduate School in the Family Nurse Practitioner track. GO GATORS!!!! SEC East champs currently!! WOOT! WOOT! 

Overall, it was a GREAT decision because I PR'd!!!! No, I did sub 2 hours which is the goal I am chasing, but I did get a PR by 2 minutes!!! And, the course was hilly! UGH! Official chip net time 2:06:10!!! BOOM!!! I was excited about that!!! The picture of me above was in front of my Tahoe just prior to realizing it was not going to crank due to a dead battery.... but, I will get into the later in this post! 

Did get a finisher's medal.... pretty cool bling.

Received a cow bell!! LOL!!! This was a first! Can't say that any other race has given me a cow bell!! But, it was orange and at UF on it!!! Can't get much more awesome than that!!! HA! HA! Think I will use this to get my son's attention when he isn't listening to me! HA!


The race had pretty cool sponsors... was a sponsor who provided the cow bell! Also, BMW of Gainesville was a sponsor, and we had a BMW pace car that lead the start of the run. Afterwards, it was parked to the side, and I so wanted to take a picture and show my husband on the next car he could get me... but there was a guy who just sat in it... didn't really want to take a picture with him and the car.... annnnnd, I couldn't think of a proper way to ask if he could get out of the car and let me take a picture.... HA! HA! :D 

The race was ran on a bike trail in Gainesville. The weather was chilly at the start, but perfect for running!!!!!! At first, I questioned if I dressed appropriately..... I didn't! And there were "live and learn things" .....

#1- pin bib to the under neath shirt if wearing a long sleeve shirt. It was not an easy task to re-pin bib while running to underneath shirt so I could take off my long sleeve shirt!

#2- thank goodness I wore my cheap Target (really cute pink) gloves, because I placed on a water table that I thought I would past at the end, but I didn't! Yep, bye-bye cute pink gloves! Good thing they are 2 for $2.50 at target!

#3- wear SPI belt! Trying to get GU, tissue, etc out of the small pockets to my running skirt and top (which ended up tied to my waist was NOT an easy task!!!

Like I said, official time is 2:06:10.... I had a hard time figuring out the exact start of the race due to all of us runners being cramped on the bike trail at the start... so, my garmin was off by 0.08 miles... not much, but a 7 second difference from the official time. So, I will break down run based on Garmin information: 13.18 miles at 9:35 pace with total time 2:06:17:

mile 1- 9:03

mile 2- 9:22

mile 3- 9:10

mile 4-9:07

mile 5-9:09

mile 6-8:57

mile 7-9:10

mile 8- 9:24

mile 9- 9:55

mile 10-9:55

mile 11- 10:51  (BIG hill- KICKED my BOOTY!!)

mile 12-10:24 

mile 13- 10:14

I was happy with my run overall, the last 3 miles kicked my booty!!! Started with a BIG hill at mile 11 and small hills on the way in for the rest of the race! My energy was literally sucked right out of me! I felt like I was running in slow motion! Last of the race was challenging for me! Hopefully, next time, I won't run out of steam- so to speak....... 

Ok, so, after I walked around....stretched.... and got over the excitement of a PR, I went to crank my tahoe and NOTHING!!! UGH! Talk about quickly getting frazzled?!? I was freakin out! This race was 2 hours from where I live!!!!!! Luckily, there was a family parked across from me, and the guy came over and said, "I believe your battery is DEAD!" Then he offered to jump off my car! WHEW! And... IT WORKED!!!! Talk about God sending an angel to help!!!! I was relieved! Once my car was running, I started on my way home, and I didn't stop for anything!!!!! Drove straight to Valdosta...

Not once, in a million years, did I think I would end up at an Advance Auto Parts store on my way home!!!!! (See picture below).... Not only did I purchase a battery, but the sales guy was kind enough to put the battery in my Tahoe!!!!! So, with a total of 407,212 miles on my Tahoe, I think it might just go another 400,00 miles!!! LOL!!!!LOL!!! You should have seen the guys face when he found out how many miles my Tahoe has on it... he simply responded, "REALLY?!?".

I was grateful to make it safely home..... then, it was time to eat, shower, and take a nap :D 

Well, gotta run! UNTIL LATER!..........


*****Ever decide on a race last minute?

***** Ever had something really scary or bad happen at a race? Like a car battery going dead?

*****Ever had a race director cancel a race? This local 5K is a first from me and it is quite a bummer! But I am glad I was able to run in Gainesville and run a half!